ZAR® Deck and Siding

ZAR® Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain

ZAR® Deck & Siding Solid Color Stain

ZAR® Deck & Siding Clear Sealer & Natural Toner

semiAn exterior wood stain specially formulated to accent the natural grain, texture and beauty of wood. It protects and shields against the damaging effects of rain, salt air and ultraviolet rays. ZAR Semi-Transparent Deck & Siding Stain is a waterborne oil-base stain that offers rich color and superior deep penetration of an oil-base stain with easy handling and water clean-up of a water-based product.

solidZAR Deck & Siding Solid Color Exterior Stain is specially formulated using Dual Resin technology. Containing 100% acrylic resin and a unique alkyd blend, ZAR Deck & Siding Stain is ideal for use where the natural texture is to be accentuated. It shields and protects against the damaging effects of sun, rain, snow and salt air.

clearZAR® Deck & Siding Clear Wood Sealer & Natural Toner Base accents the natural grain, texture and beauty of wood. Protects exterior wood surfaces from the effects of rain, sun and other weather damage. Specially formulated to resist mildew growth with the incorporation of a non-hazardous, green biocide on the dry sealer film.

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